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What makes me Thee Bad Mana Wahine?

A BMW must have their ABC's.
Ambition, Brains and Confidence. Determination, Energy, and Faith. Game, Hope, Indigenous Intellect etc.

To be a Bad Mana Wahine, you have to be doing things for the bigger picture, always striving, learning, achieving for the future of your whānau, iwi, tīpuna and whenua.

Being Māori means being a part of a continuing cycle of aroha for your people, your knowledge, whakapapa all that can be passed down to the next mokopuna.

What I do and how I look while doing it is what being Thee Bad Mana Wahine is all about.


"Rarangahia tō kete mātauranga kia nui ake i te ao, i te pō."
- Te KuraHuia 


"Forever Weaving my Knowledge Basket Bigger"- Te KuraHuia 


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UHA - Sneak Peak

Future Tūpuna


Kaitiaki knowledge

Tauira Film


Puoro Life